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Chromebook Printing

What is the reason Google did not include the capability to print to any wireless printer? This failure makes an otherwise reasonable device much less useful. I was thinking about pushing for our school district to adopt the Chromebook for about 1500 students but the shortcomings make advocacy somewhat embarassing. So sad.:mansad:


Google needs to rethink its corporate slogan and consider one similiar to "The user first, last and always."

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Re: Chromebook Printing

Chrome support Google cloud printing and classic printing.


Follow the link below to setup printer in chrome book.

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Re: Chromebook Printing



Thank you for responding. Yes, printing works OK with the Chrome book but printing requires another computer to be online, the printer must be Cloud Printing equiped or a connection to a printer made with a USB cable.


Not being able to print to a wireless printer without another computer in the system is a design issue. Unless the cost for the additional software is prohibitive, I remain puzzled by Google's decision.


Setting up printing using another computer was quite straighforward and seems to work as expected.

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Re: Chromebook Printing

Have to agree, its a joke, I will never recommend our chromebook to anyone.

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Re: Chromebook Printing

Chromebooks do not support printing from local printers via the USB port. To print from your Chromebook, you can use the Google Cloud Print service to print.


To connect your printer to Google's Cloud Print, visit Google's Connect your printer to Google Cloud Print page. Once you've added a printer, press Ctrl+P to print from your Chromebook.

Google Cloud Print can send requests to either a cloud ready printer that can connect directly to the Internet or a classic printer that is plugged into a Windows or Mac computer with Internet access.


For more information on printing with your Chromebook, visit Google's Printing page.

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Re: Chromebook Printing

I am unable to use my printer with my Chromebook.  Yesterday, I updated drivers for my Windows computer and I think it may have had an impact on the Chromebook.  That's the only thing that I've done that would alter it.  The printer works fine with my Windows computer.  How do I restore my Chromebook printing?

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Re: Chromebook Printing [solved]

This question has been asked so many times.:smileylol: Here is the solution: how to print with a chromebook :smileywink:

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