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Bluetooth adaptor for Aspire T3-710

Bluetooth adaptor for Aspire T3-710

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Bluetooth adaptor for Aspire T3-710

Hello.... Just purchased an Acer Aspire T3-710. There was no bluetooth adaptor in the package to link wireless keyboard & mouse. Am I wrong in thinking this adaptor should come with this pc?

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Re: Bluetooth adaptor for Aspire T3-710

I think you have to post your complete model number.


The T3-710-UR56 comes with bluetooth, for example.




Since you didn't post your complete model number, it's impossible to know if yours was supposed to come with bluetooth.

ACE Pathfinder

Re: Bluetooth adaptor for Aspire T3-710


@Krustee Smiley Very Happy


You may not have Bluetooth equipment in Windows Device Manager, if not out in paragraph 4, the computer does not have and must purchase an external USB type.


If this model If you bring Bluetooth, find the driver here:http://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers







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Re: Bluetooth adaptor for Aspire T3-710

I ran Bluetooth at set up & was successful in picking up my laptop & phone, but not KB & mouse. Going back to shop today with my query & will post result. Thanks for your response.
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