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b1 a71 tablet - micro usb port for charging broken

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my acer b1 a71 micro usb port was broken  ( the inside part broke off )  can the actual usb port be be replaced with out actually replacing the whole board?

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Re: b1 a71 tablet - micro usb port for charging broken

We would suggest contacting technical support in your region for further assistance with this issue.
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Re: b1 a71 tablet - micro usb port for charging broken

I have an A1-810 with the same issue.  Is this a fixable item?  I have tried calling Ask Acer as well as the live chat and can not get anyone at either.  A Little help would be appreciated.

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Re: b1 a71 tablet - micro usb port for charging broken

The repair requires the tablet to be opened and possibly the port needs to be re soldered and/or replaced, if the device is under warranty or the warranty has only recently expired I'd contact Acer for a repair. If it is out of warranty for some time you could have it repaired elsewhere.

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