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setup is starting services

My computer is stuck on "setup is starting services" screen. I can't run in safe mode and I dont know what to do, please HELP!

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Re: setup is starting services




The above is a boot issue in windows 7. Follow the steps to recovery the computer to factory defaults.


Note: This process will lead to a complete data loss.





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Re: setup is starting services

hey i tried this and it still went back to the same setup is starting serivces

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Re: setup is starting services

What is happening is that your system must have either been installing updates or configuring them at the very least. Something went wrong and the unit is stuck in install mode. The problem is that because your unit is in install mode Acer eRecovery can't install as it thinks it is starting another version of itself. The best way to get around this problem is to use recovery disks. When you bought your computer there should have been a popup asking you to burn them. If not thank the store where you bought it for skipping that one for you. In this case you will have to buy the disks from Acer for roughly 20 dollars. This covers the cost of shipping as well as the Acer Tech's time for having to burn them. They usually take only a few days to arrive. You will then have to boot off of them and start the recovery procedure.

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Re: setup is starting services

what can be done


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