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disk in task manager says 100 percent??


disk in task manager says 100 percent??

hey everyone. so i have ran a program called ccleaner to get rid of all the slack that seems to be making my computer lag a lot. when multitasking the computer is laggy. but when i open task manager i get disk in red saying 100 percent. what does this mean exactly? because i only have like 1-4 major apps running at the same time. like google chrome, vuze, and maybe one or two others. i don't reallly have anything in the startup option. i have an aspire m5-583p 64 bit. can someone suggest something i could do to speed up the system? much help would be appreciated. 


Re: disk in task manager says 100 percent??



Does it say something about 'low memory'?


It would be better you provide us with the exact message that you see on the screen. Also check under which tab of Task manager it shows 100%. Is it under Process, or Services etc?


Please check these things and let us know.


Re: disk in task manager says 100 percent??

it's under processes. cpu, memory, disk. so right now it even says 60x percent. i only have torrent client and chrome running. no startup programs. i acutally looked up how to make windows 8.1 faster, and i installed this tweaked registry and it seemed like it worked, but then got slow. i also run ccleaner to remove all junk