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[ULTRABOOK - ACER ASPIRE] Brightness and contrast and Wifi problems solutions

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Hello everybody,

I'm writing to tell you some solutions I've found about two common problems on Acer ultrabooks.

I hope an Acer technician or mod won't delete my post...


First of all: Brightness and contrast problem.


This problem is common on S / V Aspire series laptops. Sometimes when you switch on your laptop brightness and contrast may change while switching between the desktop app and metro app. Or simply by opening start screen.

I found a very simple solution.

  1. Uninstall Acer power management and restart the system
  2. Open HD Intel Graphichs (basic mode) from the tray
  3. Go to power saving and select "On battery"
  4. Delete the tick form the last option (tech screen for power saving)
  5. Click OK

The problem may appear again when the battery is not fully charged and you switch on your computer while it's connected to AC power.

To solve it, you should simply unplug AC cable and then plug it again (to put it simply you must make the computer go with battery supplies for few seconds)


Secondly: the wifi problem


When you ask acer a solution to this problem (wifi keeps disconnecting) they answer you to wait for a new driver.

To solve this problem you should

  1. Open your laptop
  2. Find the wireless card.
  3. Unplug the black cable
  4. Close your laptop (leaving the black cable unplugged)

Due to a conflict between two antennas connected to the wireless card the laptop keeps disconnecting.

By unpluggin' the black cable (the auxiliary antenna's one) you unplug one of the two antennas.

One more note: you won't lose signal.

When the 218 driver will be released probably it should solve the problem. So you can plug the black cable again and install the new driver.


I must thanks Gerardo25 and cristiano for the solutions to this problems.

Be careful because if you chose to open your laptop you would lost your warranty.


I hope this will be helpful






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Re: [ULTRABOOK - ACER ASPIRE] Brightness and contrast and Wifi problems solutions

Thanks man! Im going to give the Wifi fix a try.

New User
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Re: [ULTRABOOK - ACER ASPIRE] Brightness and contrast and Wifi problems solutions

Wifi Fix not a solution.
I ahve the Acer Aspire V5.
I have the latest network driver installed.

Qualcomm Atheros Communications Inc. -
I disconnected the black wire as instructed and am not seeing any change.
Wifi issues still happing. No change.

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Re: [ULTRABOOK - ACER ASPIRE] Brightness and contrast and Wifi problems solutions

Thank you for your help.. Fingers crossed.

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