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Problems with Acer Cloud.


Problems with Acer Cloud.

I cannot get my Acer CloudDocs work neither on my laptop nor on my Cloudmobile. Destance access to files from smartphone on my laptop partly work: I can see the files on my smartphone but I cannot access or delete them.


All the other features seem to work (pictures, music, videos)


I tried to reinstall the Cloud both on the laptop and smartphone - it didn`t help.


My laptop is Acer Aspire 5750G.


I have Microsoft Office 2010 Professional.


Is it possible to move Cloud application on smartphone from internal memory to the SD card?


Can someone help me?


Accepted Solutions

Re: Problems with Acer Cloud.

Dear everyone,


I found the way to make the Acer Cloud Docs work!

For those whose Acer Cloud Docs does not work.

Here is the instruction:


1. Install the Acer Cloud, using the Acer installer;

2. Install the other related to  Acer Cloud programs (ie. Clear fi. Photo) using the Acer installer;
3. Install the Acer Cloud Docs using the Acer Installer;

(Acer installer installs all the Cloud related programs)
4. Delete the Acer Cloud Docs;

5. Install the Acer Cloud Docs not using the Acer installer, you should have the separate installer for the Acer Cloud Docs: http://yadi.sk/d/pu-WZ56C8L6UY ;

6. Right-click on the trat icon of the Acer Cloud;

7. Click "Check the updates", it will ask you to update Acer Cloud Docs, update;

8. Finish!


The version in the link is Acer Cloud Docs v 1.00.3201


If you will install the new update of Acer Cloud Portal, Acer Cloud Docs might cease working!


Attention to Acer Developers!

I have found out that during the installation of the Acer Cloud Docs unsing the Acer Cloud Installer , the installation of the Office Add-ins for Cloud Docs does not happen. And it is impossible to install ththe add-ins customary throught MO 2010 settings in Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Die Hard

Re: Problems with Acer Cloud.

Currently files which come from other devices seem to  cannot be deleted via Remote files, I know it is able to browse and download/upload.

And AcerCloud Docs default is installed in the internal memory, I'm not sure whether it is the key of the problem if you remove the app to the SD card, maybe you can change the network environment and try again.

If you cannot get your Acer CloudDocs work neither on laptop nor on Cloudmobile.
You'd better confirm whether the option <AcerCloud Docs upload> has been checked on PC and Click <save> in the Microsoft Office to upload the document.
("save as" won’t upload the document to AcerCloud).


Re: Problems with Acer Cloud.

I tried to install the Acer Cloud on my other computer but, it did work ether....

Acer I am really disappointed... Customer service in Russia just keeps silence, forums don`t know the answer..


What is going on with company`s customer support???

Cloud docs is such a good function.. If someone will help I will greatly appreciate...

Die Hard

Re: Problems with Acer Cloud.

I suggest you use the function of <Send feedback> and fill out the problem in the AcerCloud Portal to try to connect with acer customer service center, they will soon reply you.


Re: Problems with Acer Cloud.

Hey, I am with you for the view “Docs is a good function”. Robot Very HappyI have been using AcerCloud several month, and now I know well about the operation and running of AcerCloud App. Don’t be frustrated, I’ll spare no effort to help you. First of all, you should offer me a list of detailed information, including the specific operation versions of your laptop and smartphone, the internet environment(such as wireless) as well as the versions of AcerCloud and Docs on each device. Meanwhile, could you tell me which unit Docs wrong(such as can’t upload from laptop, not update files on it, can’t open the app and so on). Looking forward to your reply!Robot tongue

Note: While I am an Acer employee or contracted employee, my contributions to Acer Community are my own and not representative of Acer or its views.

Re: Problems with Acer Cloud.

Dear Fov,


I am very sorry for such a late reply. I would be very glad to receive some help from you.

Here my info:


My laptop: Acer Aspire 5750G
My laptop OS: Windows 7 Service Pack Professional x64

My Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office Prof 2010

My laptop anti-virus: Kaspersky Internet Security

Acer Cloud Portal: v. 2.02.2018

Acer Cloud Docs: v. 1.02.2007
I can use Acer Cloud on my Laptop for Photos and Music so, it partly works.
However, Acer Cloud Docs is working but not tracking the documents.

The HD on my laptop is split into two logical parts, one holds OS other holds documents



My phone: Acer Cloudmobile

My phone`s OS: JB 4.1.2

Acer Cloud: v.

Acer Cloud Photo: v.

Acer Cloud Video: v.

Acer Cloud Docs: v. 1.01.2006

Acer Cloud Music: v. (however, music files are not downloading when I am using 3G, eventhough I have enabled this option)
Acer Distance Files: v. 1.00.2005

Acer CloudDocs does not work neither on laptop nor on smartphone, any file saved is not displayed in Acer CloudDocs on ether of my devices


I mainly use my University`s wifi and 3G on my smartphone.

I tried to reinstall it several times, but it didn`t work.

Thanks for your help, I very appreciate that!


Re: Problems with Acer Cloud.

Dear friend,

Man Very HappyVery glad to receive your reply and thank you for the information you offered. Plus, I’m also sorry for late reply to you.

After thinking your words, I can give you the following suggestion as an old user:

With your fail in Music, I ‘d like to tell you, you can download the music on AcerCloud only when your cloud PC is on, as all media files are stored in your cloud PC, not the cloud. This is one of the features that AcerCloud has.

About Docs, you should check the option that allows it to upload files to the cloud is checked. This selection is in AcerCloud portal on computer, and the mobile device also has this setting. Afterwards, you need to check your anti-virus software, to see if some processes or package with AcerCloud are be banned or deleted.

The last but not least, Docs support computer upload the files by the gesture of clicking the <save> button, not <save as>. And mobile device can’t upload its files, it only has a right to view and down the files on cloud, as well as edit and upload them by <save> button. Maybe mobile device can upload files one day, but not now. In addition, you need to check the selection allow 3G when using mobile data traffic.

Wish these can help you.Man Wink

Best wishes for you and look forward to your reply.

Note: While I am an Acer employee or contracted employee, my contributions to Acer Community are my own and not representative of Acer or its views.

Re: Problems with Acer Cloud.

Dear Fov,


all of the above mentioned are done or/and enabled.


Regarding the music files:


I can only download them when I am using wifi on my phone and not 3G.

Acer Cloud Docs, simply does not work on my laptop and I don`t know whySmiley Sad


Thanks for your assistance.


The problem however remains(((((


Anyone any advises?




Re: Problems with Acer Cloud.

Dear friend,

After reading your reply, I’m regret not figuring out your trouble. While, I found a significant point we may ignore when using 3G. The fact is that the <Use Mobile network > option in clear.fi Music should be checked for mobile data transmission.

On the use of Docs, it’s really a headache. You’d better reinstall AcerCloud Portal on your laptop. You also can check “AcerCloud Addin” on add-in of Microsoft Office. And we can’t rule out the possibility that something wrong with your office. Take it easy. If Docs remains not working, I strongly suggest you use <Feedback> to state your trouble to AcerCloud customer service.


Alternatively, I search several Acer support website and see if it contains the contentwhich may address your issue or meet your need:







Good day!

Note: While I am an Acer employee or contracted employee, my contributions to Acer Community are my own and not representative of Acer or its views.

Re: Problems with Acer Cloud.

I think I have found the relevant issue which causes the problem with Acer Cloud Docs.


Here it is:


When I install or reinstall solely Cloud Docs, it installs "Office Add-in" as well, however it refuses to work showing this message: "Please install Acer Cloud first before you can use Acer Cloud Docs".


When I install Acer Cloud or everything simultaneously "Office Add-in" for some unknown reason is not getting installed. I have checked all the scenarios in final destination of installment.

I have saved these folders with "Office Add-in" there are only two: "Office Addin" "Office Addin 2003" when they are insalled they will be both located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Acer (depending on your OS settings).


I have tried to show the route for "Office Add-in" manually in Microsoft Office 2010: Settings->Addins(last but one)->Settings COM however when I have shown the route for WordAddin.dll Office displayed this message: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Acer\WordAddin.dll" is incompatible with Microsoft Office 2010 and cannot be installed. Even though I have shown the route to the correct, Office 2010 file.

I am pretty sure I am on the right way to the solution of this problem.


Any ideas how I can manually install the "Office Add-in"?