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Iconia A1 810 Inserting a micro SD Card?

New User

Iconia A1 810 Inserting a micro SD Card?

How do insert an SD card so that it will stay in on my new Iconia A1 810? I push it in as far as I can and sometimes the tablet will recognize it (apparently when I get it pushed in far enough to make contact). But the card soon pops back out and loses contact. The manual isn't helpful as all it says is to ensure the card in pushed in ll the way without any indication of how to tell that it is.


I'm using a SanDisk 32 gig micro Sd card.

Seasoned Specialist

Re: Iconia A1 810 Inserting a micro SD Card?

It has to be gently but firmly pushed all the way in, possibly with the aid of a toothpick or similar, when it is seated correctly you will feel it.

Skilled Fixer

Re: Iconia A1 810 Inserting a micro SD Card?

You should be able to either Feel or Hear a slight Click when it is properly inserted.

I am using a SanDisk Ultra 32gb micro sd card.

Also you will have to push it a tad past flush with the A1-810's surface, I usually just use my fingernail to do it.

Re: Iconia A1 810 Inserting a micro SD Card?

I have a A1 811 (with sim card slot), and also have a problem with the Micro SD slot (perhaps related). I think I have exactly the same SD card, but for me the problem is not related to the card since I also tried other cards.


I can insert the card correctly (I am sure that it has been inserted far enough and locked, I cannot push it any further), but after a while the card just 'shoots' out.  In the beginning it stays in for a few weeks, but the interval gets shorter and in the end it pops out immediately.


When I leave it out for a while, the timing is reset and stays in again for a longer time (but I am afraid the card one day when it pops out at a bad moment).


Seems like a mechanical problem to me with the card slot, maybe you have the same problem but worse (card never locks).

New User

Re: Iconia A1 810 Inserting a micro SD Card?

I am having the same problem with My A1-810. I put a micro SD card in when the machine was new, about 2 or 3 months ago, and didn't remove it again.  Then, all of a sudden, after working fine and holding the card snug for a few months, it started to pop the card out all on it's own.  The problem appears to be with the locking mechanism.  Very disappointing, since I have otherwise been quite impressed with the machine.  It should definitely not be worn out from so very little use, however.  Poor design or poor construction... I'm not sure which.