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Crystal Eye Webcam & Bluetooth not working on AO725

Hello, I recently bought an Acer Aspire One (AO725-0600), I would post the info datasheet but for some reason Acer decided it wasn't important anymore to keep info about their previous equipment. Anyway, this laptop came preloaded with Windows 8 which I hate so I got the Win7 x64 Ultimate and I installed it (because I believe I as a consumer have the say on what OS I want).


So I'm trying to install all drivers, and so far I managed to install the LAN, WLAN, Audio, VGA, Card Reader, Touchpad and even the apps of Launch Manager and the E-power, but for some reason the Bluetooth and the Webcam refuse to work correctly, technically, they installed successfully, but when I open the Crystal Eye program, the camera has a poor 160x120 of resolution and the drop-down list that would normally have the resolution options is grayed out, and when I restarted the netbook, the dropdown was working, but just for 5 mins until the program asked me "Another HD Camera was detected, do you want to use it?", and I used No, but then the camera went black and never came out again, so I restarted again and this time I used Yes, but after that the camera went back to the mediocre 120x160 Smiley Frustrated Windows gave me the notification that 2 drivers were installed, an "HD Camera" and a unnamed "USB device".


And what to say about that Bluetooth, like I said it installed correctly, but all I see in the tray is a small Bluetooth icon with a red slash, and the only option that gives me is "Start adapter" so I click on it and then absolutely nothing happens, the icon disapears and there's no Bluetooth. So I open the Suite from the very root directory but still nothing happens, I use the Windows-in options to send-receive data through Bluetooth, but it tells me that I don't have a Bluetooth device Smiley Frustrated.


So everything here is a confusion. Can someone help me?, and please don't come to me with "But, you shouldn't have installed another OS because that's the one Acer choosed for you and so, we can't give you support for another OS" because that would be a blatant lie, or simply wouldn't make sense since the Support page has all the drivers for this notebook for Win 7 (x86-x64) and Win 8 (x86-x64-Seven Update), so I know I can use it.

If you want to check it out, go to Drivers>Group>Netbook,Chromebook>Series>AspireOne>Products>AO725.

In fact, there are 2 drivers for the Bluetooth, Atheros and Broadcom. And yes, I obviously tried with both of em' since I can't see what kind of device I got with this model because software like PC Wizard or Speccy can't detect any kind of Bluetooth. Atheros one installs good and all, that's the one I suppose I got with this Aspire, because when I tried with Broadcom one, it simply said: "A Bluetooth device wasn't detected. Please make sure a Bluetooth device is correctly connected to start the installation"..


So please, I beg somebody to help me, because now that there's not an official page to see all the info about this particular model, it's not like I can go to any other forums for help anymore. If you want me to post some log of some program or any other info you may need please ask me.

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Re: Crystal Eye Webcam & Bluetooth not working on AO725

Please review this article:
Installing a different Operating System


All of the drivers released for the system are available on our Drivers page.


If you need to know what hardware is in the system click the, "Need to know the hardware on your system to choose the right drivers?" link on the drivers page.

Important Links: Global Support Pages | Knowledge Base Articles
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Re: Crystal Eye Webcam & Bluetooth not working on AO725

Hey Tommy, thanks for the reply. I already did another post, since I figured out that the Bluetooth won't work because I didin't installed the Launch Manager (go figure out), and now the problem is just the camera itself. If you could help me there I would really appreciate. Thanks



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