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Change Keyboard Spanish to English

Hello everyone ...
Desire for your help ... I have an Acer Aspire Laptop Model ZQZ NX.MOZAL.029 which part is it that I want to change the keyboard is in Spanish and I want to switch to English ... would this be possible? and in such case that could change .. that this model is compatible with laptop ... I hope to help ... thank you very much



Hola a todos...
Deseo de su ayuda... tengo una Laptop Acer Aspire Modelo ZQZ cuya parte es NX.MOZAL.029 resulta que quiero yo cambiar el teclado esta en español y yo lo quiero cambiar a ingles... seria esto posible? y en el dado caso de que se pudiera cambiar .. que modelo es compatible con esta laptop... espero de ayuda... muchas gracias

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Re: Change Keyboard Spanish to English

Hello Turin


I'm presuming you're using Windows 7, but it is pretty much the same for all versions:


Go to Control Panel>Clock Language & Region>Change Keyboards or other input methods then click on "Change Keyboards" and click on "Add". Find the English Version you want (by expanding the options), then click "OK".


Click on the keyboard choice, then click "Apply", then "OK". In the system tray (icon's near the clock) you will see the Language Bar  - click on this to change your keyboard.


Hope this helps!

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