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Aspire One D255 with Windows 7 starter

I wiped out my net book and set it back to the factory defaults. At the time, it saw my old home network and it would connect to it. Then when I was camping, I made my phone a hot spot and the netbook doesn't even see the hot spot anymore. I came home and it connected to my home network right away as usual. I have now graded my wireless router. The netbook sees the network, but can't connect to it. I get "windows was unable to connect to network name" then I hit troubleshoot and it runs thru detecting problems, says it resets my network adapter, then tells me to turn the netbook off and on to see if the problem has been fixed. It then says "windows cannot resolve your wireless connectivity issues". I then try one more time to do additional testing and it then detects a problem, "problem with wireless adapter or access point".
It still does not see my phone hot spot, won't connect to my current home network, but had no problem with the old home network.
Anyone have any ideas? I really don't want to trash this yet, it still seems to work well otherwise.
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Re: Aspire One D255 with Windows 7 starter

Cmark, you can try a System Restore on your laptop. But the problem is likely to be with software changes to your network.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Aspire One D255 with Windows 7 starter

2 questions then:
Why won't it see my phone's hot spot anymore and do I need to add software to the netbook to be able to connect to the new network?
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Re: Aspire One D255 with Windows 7 starter




From the Start menu, type device manager in the search box and press Enter.
Click + Network Adapters to expand the section.
The adapter is listed.
Right-click the wireless adapter and uninstall it.
Then click on Action > Scan for hardware chages .
This would automatically install the refresh the network drivers.
Now click on view avaliable network in task manager then connect to your network and check the WiFi connectivity.
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Re: Aspire One D255 with Windows 7 starter

Thanks to those that responded. Since i had nothing saved on the computer, I decided to wipe it clean again and set it to the factory defaults. Now it is working fine.

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Re: Aspire One D255 with Windows 7 starter

i have the same problem. i'm fixing somebody's aspire one d255. the hdd died, i replaced it with an sdd, got hold of win7 starter x86, barely managed to recover the product key from CoA sticker. so far so good. everything works fine, but the wifi (atheros AR5B95) is unable to connect to anything. it sometimes detects a network in the air, but won't connect - "windows was unable to connect to ..."

i have tried at least three or four different driver versions (form acer website, from atheros, from windows update), all the same.
i have installed windows 8, works fine. i have tried ubuntu live distro, works fine (the same networks), but windows 7 pro x64 and starter x86 - no joy. i have also tried two different spare wifi modules (realtek, broadcom), no difference. the hardware is fine, as it works under different OSes. this is a software issue.

i also updated to latest bios, tried with and without the launch manager, to no avail. if i could at least get my hands on some original acer recovery dvd, but i don't know how. can anyone help? Smiley Happy

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