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AcerC720 11634 Chromebook 2GB Memory 16GB Solid State Drive

New User

AcerC720 11634 Chromebook 2GB Memory 16GB Solid State Drive

Hi, I ordered this chromebook last night from Best Buy and it has been shipped. I read in one of the reviews a few minutes ago that you can not chat in chat rooms because the chromebook will NOT support Java. Is this true? If thats the case I will have to return it. I have been so excited to get it with all the wonderful reviews until I read it wont support Java. Anybody know if this is true??  Thanks, Audrey

Acer Community Manager

Re: AcerC720 11634 Chromebook 2GB Memory 16GB Solid State Drive



Here's what I found regarding your question:


Chrome devices have Flash support built-in, but they do not support Java or Silverlight. If you need Java, Silverlight, or other plug-in support, there are virtualization and remoting options you can use for Chrome devices. See the chapter on Remote Access and Virtualization in the Chrome Devices for Education Technical Planning Guide (PDF).


Could you let us know what applications or sites require Java for you? There may be workarounds available.

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