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Acer G246HL Monitor (UM.FG6EE.B01) - Screen Type

Just installed acer G246HL monitor and cannot work my way through the display adjustments, I can get the menu but that is all, how do I select the various settings?

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Re: Acer G246HL Monitor (UM.FG6EE.B01) - Screen Type

There should be buttons to the left of the power button (if not tactile, possibly touch-sensitive). These will no doubt include a 'right', 'left', 'menu', 'input', among possibly a few others. Menu should of course open up the menu (as you've no doubt found out), while the others (particularly the left and right) can be used to navigate the menu. It may take some experimenting (as all monitors seems slightly different), but it shouldn't be too hard. If all else fails, check the manual that you should have received with the monitor - that should list out the buttons; where they are and what they do. And, just to make sure you know, you can't use regular input devices (mouse, keyboard, etc.) to control the menu on monitors.

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Re: Acer G246HL Monitor (UM.FG6EE.B01) - Screen Type

LOL Only you, uhh? I've just upgraded from my 23" Acer to the G276HL + found a similar difficulty with controls being hard to work out or just unresponsive. It doesn't help when the display disappears from the screen quickly... while one is guessing what to do next.... the User Guide isn't so helpful, either...
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Re: Acer G246HL Monitor (UM.FG6EE.B01) - Screen Type

Thank you for the info. I have now found how to move about the menu but whoever designed the system never had to use it--it does not give enough time to do anything before it dissapears off the screen.

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Re: Acer G246HL Monitor (UM.FG6EE.B01) - Screen Type

Agree entirely, whoever designed it never used it.

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Re: Acer G246HL Monitor (UM.FG6EE.B01) - Screen Type

I just spent 15 minutes on the phone with tech support and managed to stumble through it. The middle button toggles to the screen with the settings. You have to know to press that twice. Then use the two buttons to the right as the so called "<" and ">" things they indicate in the manual. Silly me, I thought they meant arrow keys.


When you get the item you want selected, then press the middle button again to activate it.


Then use the right two buttons to adjust the setting.


Then press the middle button again (I think that's the one I pressed) to save it.


What could be more intuitive?


This is a human factors design nightmare. I've had much older monitors that could be adjusted without reading the book or having to contact technical support.


Has anyone found this adequately documented anywhere in the ACER documentation?


However, otherwise I am satisfied with the monitor.

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