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Acer C710 Chromebook BIOS Change

Acer C710 Chromebook BIOS Change

Has anyone looked into flashing a new BIOS onto the Acer C710 Chromebook? Possibly the BIOS from the Aspire One?

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Re: Acer C710 Chromebook BIOS Change

changing BIOS is for WINDOWS computers.  Chromebooks use the Linux Kernel; Chrome automatically updates the Chromebook upon booting.  No need to fuss with BIOS.  Atemmpting to swap BIOS on a Chromebook just won't work,  Your thinking is out-of-date.


Re: Acer C710 Chromebook BIOS Change

OP's thinking is out of date? I think not, my friend. 


  • Point A: Before I quote you, I want to tell you how wrong you are. The C7 most definitely has a BIOS, we just don't see it. It is hardware locked, which wouldn't be too hard to circumvent. Yes, it is a Linux-based program, but, with a little work and time, one will have no problems flashing a working, modifiable BIOS.


  • Point B: "Changing the BIOS is for WINDOWS computers...". No, you're just plain wrong. You can change the BIOS on other Acer Chromebooks, and, for your information, BIOS is not for Windows computers at all. BIOS has nothing to do with the operating system itself, and can be flashed and altered if a person knows how. If I install Ubuntu on a computer, then it is no longer a Windows computer, and I can still work in the BIOS. You're using circular logic.


  • Point C: "Chromebooks use the Linux kernel". Well, no **bleep**. ChromeOS is based off the Linux kernel. Everyone knows that. A person can easily manipulate a kernel, or a BIOS for that matter. People have flashed the CR-48's BIOS with no problems, making your point moot.


  • Point D: "Chrome automatically updates the Chromebook upon booting...". No, it doesn't. This point is so off-target that I can't help but laugh. All the Chromebook does is verify the operating system upon boot, nothing more. Bypass that, and you're golden.


  • Point E: "Attempting to swap BIOS on a Chromebook just won't work...". Again, moot point. Read the above. Also, you don't swap a BIOS, you flash it. 

Now, OP, I want you to know that I am working diligently on trying to flash this BIOS, and many others are, too. You must not lose hope. When it comes to hardware and software, if there's a will, there's a way. You can rest assured, we will triumph. 

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Re: Acer C710 Chromebook BIOS Change

I agree with you and want the same results. I want to flash the bios with a usable bios so we can install slackware 14.0 on my acer c7 chromebook. Chromeos is to restrictive for a slackware user.

Please, don't give up, and keep us informed on your progress.

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Re: Acer C710 Chromebook BIOS Change

         Just Wondering ? ? ?

   Has anyone actually got into the bios on one of these ?

     ( C710-2847 )

   Maybe, ........ If we could get into the bios,   Possibly it just needs the boot settings adjusted or reset ?

  This machine (on it now) runs the chrubuntu excellent !  Has added bonus, it has a working bluetooth function !  Showed up with the chrubuntu.

  I test drove the chrome for a few days when I first got it.

   It just was not what I was comfortable with maybe cute as a smart phone, but I dont like smart phones ether.

  I did the utube walk thru and besides taking hours longer than expected, everything did work as described, did not even have to repeat any steps.

  BUT !       This is a "work around" !      Mostly Great,       but,        While I did gain Bluetooth everytime I start, it is fairly fast but I must see that warning/verification screen .   AND  for some reason a short while after unplugging the charger..... the touchpad starts acting strange ?    Plug the charger back in and touchpad works great again.   While it was unplugged and pad started acting up, hitting the f3 button would help for a few seconds ?

   This would be perfect if ubuntu could be installed properly instead of a work around.

  Maybe just unlocking the bios is all it needs ?


              ***    OH !   Anyone from "Acer" ?    ***

        ***    Is it legal ?  For me to install Linux on the "Chromebook" ?   ***

        ***   How can I enter the bios on my C710

                      THANKS !



Re: Acer C710 Chromebook BIOS Change

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Re: Acer C710 Chromebook BIOS Change



 I am interested in your results as well. Being able to get a C7 and make it into a real usable laptop would be great.


Please let us know if we can help in any way.

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Re: Acer C710 Chromebook BIOS Change

Hi Geeks,


Please see link below. I know only how to click a mouse and type e-mails knowledge of computers but interested in swithcing chrome to win.....


The below link says you can install your own image......perhaps, if you write an adapter OS or BIOS does that help  I am dumb ofcourse



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Re: Acer C710 Chromebook BIOS Change

Just FYI the link to the Developers is for the C700 and NOT the C710. Thge C710 is missing many of the functions show in the C700 instructions.

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Re: Acer C710 Chromebook BIOS Change

good explanation @ androsilicious