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Acer Aspire R7: Touchscreen suddenly stopped working

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Hey everyone,


I own an Aspire R7 (running Windows 8 64Bit). Yesterday morning my touchscreen suddenly stopped working.


After each boot I see an error in the event log saying something like "Driver\WUDFRd failed to load the driver for the device HID\VID_0483&PID_91D1&Col01\7&1b0945e0&0&0000".


In the Device Manager there is no device showing an error or something. In the category "Monitor" there's only a PnP-Monitor listed - shouldn't the TouchInput-Device be shown there? Edit: I also looked through the HID devices: the Device with the hardware ID of the event log message isn't there, too.


I already tried to reinstall the HID-Monitor drivers using Acer Recovery Manager, but after showing some information like "installing" nothing else happens. There's also no change in the Device Manager.


I also removed the "PnP-Monitor" from the Device Manager and started a "Search for new hardware", but that only lead to the "PnP-Monitor" being reinstalled.


I also did perform a factory reset, but that didn't help, as well.


I'd really appreciate help from anyone. I'm at work currently, so I wouldn't be able to test any tips until around 17 o'clock (MEST) .




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Re: Acer Aspire R7: Touchscreen suddenly stopped working

I found the reason for my touch panel not reacting: If I position the display in a very specific angle - "almost" in tablet mode - the screen reacts to touches and one of the until then disabled HID input devices becomes enabled. I had sent in my laptop to repair after a display fault - apparently somehow the touch sensor wasn't reattached properly when the display was replaced Smiley Mad


Seems I'll now have to send my laptop in for another repair (which makes it three repairs for that laptop - the mentioned display fault occured after the mainboard was replaced by the same Acer repair center) Smiley Sad

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Re: Acer Aspire R7: Touchscreen suddenly stopped working

I've had this happen as well, but in a normal laptop usage position. It seems as though with some applications (like Civilization 5) there's a chip behind the touchscreen, bottom-middle, just right of the arm on the screen, that heats up and maybe overheats. You can feel the heat on the screen. When this happens the touchscreen starts to become less responsive.

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