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wireless windows 7 aspire 4720z?

thanks for the help in advance.

acer aspire 4720z (original OEM hardware), windows 7 ultimate, ahteros ar5007eg.

can not get wireless adapter to turn on.

lan works fine.

i have downloaded and installed drivers from the acer site. bios recognizes adapter, windows device manager recognizes adapter, hardware discovery app from acer site confirms adapter.

windows network diagnostices instructs "turn on wireless adapter". windows mobility center shows "wireless turned off" with the "turn wireless on" button grayed out.

i have tried manually installing/updateing drivers and get "an error occured...." and "drivers were not installed".

device manager continues to report "device working properly" even after the error message

i have physically reseated the adapter.

have uninstalled drivers in safe mode, reinstalled drivers, issue continues.

thanks again for your help. Chris


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Re: wireless windows 7 aspire 4720z?

Good day


1. Download and install the launch manager from:

2. Also download the wireless driver from:




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Re: wireless windows 7 aspire 4720z?

thanks for getting back to me freeza.

i was able to download and install the launch manager without any trouble.

but when i go to the second link and try to download the drivers all that comes down is a setup for a pdf converter, a setup for 7zip, a setup for some sort of downloader. i can not get the drivers to download from that site.


i have tried installing all drivers for wlan off the acer support site. none work. i am going to wipe the drive, install winXP and see where that gets me.  Chris


again, thanks for the effort freeza.

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Re: wireless windows 7 aspire 4720z?

Good day Chris


I use Internet Download Manager. When I click on "Click for Download" at the bottom, it goes to the next url and then it automatically downloads after few seconds (about 6 seconds).....I dont know why it delays though. The file is 1.62MB size.




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