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wireless keyboard not working


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Re: wireless keyboard not working

Just using my new Acer DA220HQL (so not certain if I identified the "product" correctly). Also purchase the wireless keyboard. When I insert new batteries - which i have checked have full charge, for only a moment do I get the green "on light" during the insertion process. But once in goes off and does not work. I have tried 3 sets of batteries. This suggest to me that the wireless keyboard is defective and needs to be returned and replace.

Please advise on what you recommend that I do re: a/ to get wireless keyboard operational. note after this message, was referred to your help section re: enabling wireles keyboards. Will try suggestions tonight and let you know if I still need assistance.
Thank you.

n.b. I'm out of Victoria, BC Canada

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Re: wireless keyboard not working

Never thought I'd actually bring a solution - and its not really one, but its what I did before it started working.


Try plugging in another keyboard - I used another wireless one - the second one worked great.  Then I plugged the acer wireless keyboard into another computer, also worked great.  Started to request a warranty return thinking the USB port was defective.  re-plugged in the keyboard, and seemingly randomly I was asked to update some drivers (via Play Store), and then at that point the keyboard and mouse WORKED.


Next day I try un-sleeping the keyboard, same issue of functionality.  COmpletely restarted everything (long hold on power button until prompted to shut down, said "OK", restarted after shutdown, keyboard and mouse work fine again.


Seems less than best practice, but what the hell, it works today.  Good luck.

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