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windows 8 driver for acer aspire 2930

I have installed windows 8 on my acer aspire 2930...

But I can't find drivers for windows 8...

Will windows 7 driver will work on it...

I need bluetooth and webcam driver???

Any help would be appreciated...

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Re: windows 8 driver for acer aspire 2930

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Hi bilsan1, i have surfed but i didnt find drivers for windows 8 on that laptop. I found this link

But it is not over yet. If you have the name of the hardware that could be easier than searching on google. For example if you bluetooth hardware is from Microsoft you can go on its web page and look for it.


To know the Hardware ID  from your computer,just follow this steps:

1-Go to control pannel and click on "Devices and Sound"

2-Click on "Devices Manager"

3-Look for the driver with yellow warnering

4-Right Click on it then Properties, next Details,

5-There you can know the name of the driver or optionally display the arrow down.

6-Click on Hardware ID and copy/paste that code here. That is more specific than just the name.


Otherwise, you can give us that name of hardware and I can help you looking for them.


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Re: windows 8 driver for acer aspire 2930

There are no driver with yellow warning...

And my usb ports are not working too the driver for it is installed and it says device is working... But when I connect my mobile through usb it doesn't show and I tried usb mouse too... Nothing works

any method would be appreciated

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