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windows 7 computer will not boot up

I have an Accer Aspire 5742Z notebook and it will not boot up, unless a system restore has taken place, then when i shut the cumputer down it fails on bootup. When the boot up fails i get a black screen with a mouse pointer on it, but if you touch the track pad the screen dims, the HDD drive light pulses every second or so, but the machine just sits there doing nothing. It does boot into safe mode. In msconfig turning off all services and startups still does allow the computer to boot after restart. i have disabled windows updates to see if it is an update problem, and have gone back a month in the system restore but to no avail. ESET antivirus has not pick anything up neither has Malware Bytes or Spybot, any ideas as where to go next....

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Re: windows 7 computer will not boot up

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Try booting to a Windows 7 Repair Disk. If you don't have one you can borrow some ones W7 machine & create one.


Here is the Microsoft link that explains how. 


Good Luck.

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