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when can my Acer aspire 4738Z get windows 8?

Hey i would like to upgrade my acer aspire 4738Z to windows 8 but i cant seem to connect to the internet due to the incompatability of my network adapter software and windows 8 keeps crashing on it. ACER PLEASE MAKE ACER ASPIRE 4738Z BE COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS8 !!

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Re: when can my Acer aspire 4738Z get windows 8?

The Acer Aspire 4738Z is not a model supported by Acer for the Windows 8 operating system.  While Windows 8 should have the correct drivers for your wireless card, it is not guaranteed.  If you are experiencing crashing issues we would suggest reverting to Windows 7.

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Re: when can my Acer aspire 4738Z get windows 8?

well mine is model name : ASPIRE 4738 so till when will this model support windows eight most expecially the audio and sound problem, ofcourse your company would not want me to develope interest in other brand of laptop as there are mnay of them , so when exactly do we expect the update, this is making my system more or less usless and i want windows 8 not seven thanks.

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