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what is the blue light beside the orange wireless ? laptop

Hi I have an older model laptop. I can't find any light indicators that match in the manual!!!! It's in the upper left corner-

there's the power button - then this blue button (circular) that keeps blinking and then the orange antennae wireless light.

The reason I'm asking is because our community was forced to take Uverse & it's been terrible - now they're saying it's my computer -- well, I have an acer netbook, too and it's the same problem === ANYWAY, would really appreciate knowing what that light is and thanks!!!!!!!

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Re: what is the blue light beside the orange wireless ? laptop

I do not know your model but I think it is the activity of the hard drive.

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Re: what is the blue light beside the orange wireless ? laptop

Hi, thanks so much for your answer - it is an older 5742 series....the light is round w/lines going around it, too--Picture  a stack of plates and it keeps fluttering/blinking........if it is the hard disk am I in trouble - I really haven't used that much space up on the hard drive...........thanks again,

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