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upgrade memory aspire one d270

Can somebody please point me at the instructions for upgrading memory in the Aspire One D270.

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Re: upgrade memory aspire one d270

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You will need to almost strip the entire machine. I suggest that you take the machine to the Acer Repaire Centre.




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Re: upgrade memory aspire one d270

Upgrading the memory is quite a complex process, but if you are slow and careful it should not be beyond anyone. There are several videos on youtube of the process. I had never taken a laptop apart before and for me the key issues were removing the keyboard and removing the back cover. Finally when you swap the memory modules, make sure the new one is fully inserted, and while it is not ideal try and switch on the computer before putting all the covers etc back on. If you want to be completely safe I suggest you completely reassemble before switching on. I now have 4GB of which 3GB is usable under a modified Windows 7 Starter installation.

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