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unable to play this dvd because it does not match the region code

I just bought an Aspire V5 with Windows 8 and tried to play a movie for the kids this weekend, but received the following message:


Unable to play this DVD because it does not match the region code.


The DVD was purchase here on the west coast (California) and the region programmed into the laptop states that it's US, CANADA region.


So how do I fix this?




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Re: unable to play this dvd because it does not match the region code


There is obviously a mismatch between region codes. Since you state that your computer is set to read US/Canada region, my first thought is that the DVD is for another region.  Try playing the problem DVD on your TV's DVD player. And try to play a known US/Canada DVD in your computer.


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Re: unable to play this dvd because it does not match the region code

I just had the exact same experience. I have played this DVD on several other computers and DVD players. But my new computer is telling me that it is not from Region 1.

I am scratching my head trying to figure out what to do.

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