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tried to reinstall OS and it crashed

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Acer One D257 Netbook.


Installed 2 g RAM (have to take the whole thing apart to do it!) and since then the wireless has been spotty unless right next to the router. 


So, I thought it might be a driver. Tried installing the Intel driver. That didn't fix it. 


So I thought I'd start fresh by reinstalling the OS using the Acer tool which backs up the user data. 


Wonder of wonders it doesn't work at all now! System 7 home is caput! It boots up to a message saying Acer couldn't install OS!


Suggestions? How do I get an 'acer' copy of win7 to put back on this netbook? 




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Re: tried to reinstall OS and it crashed

Just a thought...have you tried to put the 1gb memory back in and seen how it behaves ?

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Re: tried to reinstall OS and it crashed

No did not. It ran like a dog with 1 gig and a 4 core processor. At least, it 'appears' to be a 4 core? Opening the Task Manager/Performance shows 4 processor windows! 


Not to mention that to put back the 1g ram chip requires total disassembly of the computer to do it!


This has to be one of the stupidest designs for a netbook! All they had to do was put one screw and a trap door on the back of this computer to make it simple to service the memory! Probably would have cost $3 to do it in design!

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Re: tried to reinstall OS and it crashed

I know how you feel about the simplicity a small RAM door would provide...I have just had a replacement laptop from Curry`s and found out that this newer model doesn`t allow an upgrade of RAM ! laptop had been put in for repair and they lost it !!! ...they offered a replacement (updated same model) and I had this model of laptop specifically as I could upgrade the RAM...I am most frustrated and just do not understand why they need to meddle...anyway,good luck with your problem and sorry I can be of no help.

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Re: tried to reinstall OS and it crashed

Thanks for the understanding. 


The error message I get is


"Windows cannot complete installation in Safe Mode. (or any other mode!) To continue installing Windows, restart the computer


Restarting brings me right back to this message. If there was a link here to download the Windows Starter OS I'd do that. I also have attempted to repair using a Win7 Pro disc to no avail. Can't even restore!


**bleep** Windows anyway! 


I may have to install Vista (which is an early version of 7) to get around this nonsense!


The driver it stalls on is sys32\drivers\CLASSPNP.sys if anyone knows if I can pull in a driver from the Pro disc?

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Re: tried to reinstall OS and it crashed

First the HD crashed trying to reinstall the OS over itself and then I had to install the only OS I have available Win7 Pro. That meant drivers. 


Solved a lot of my driver problems by spending hours installing drivers from the asus download area for an AOD257 computer. I think I spent a lot of time spinning my wheels trying to install the wireless driver (Intel) and it never really worked. I finally figured out that SP1 for W7 had to be installed. After that... viola! It all works. SP1 isn't an auto load - you have to go get it. Device Manager is happy.


My original issue which started this whole mess was that the wireless kept dropping out once I got away from the router. 


I recently installed a 2g ram chip and apparently, that's when the dropout started. I'm wondering if there is a wire that fell off the antenna inside the computer? This isn't my computer - I'm fixing it for a senior citizen. I don't have the 1g memory chip any more. I never had an issue with memory that caused the wireless to drop out before. Always a first time... 


I have read here that there is an issue with these computers dropping out wireless connection and that it's a driver conflict between the wireless and bluetooth drivers. I haven't installed a bluetooth driver yet and it's dropping out when I get 6 ft away from an ASUS RT-AC66U Dual Band router. That's just crazy! I also flashed the bios to 1.15 which is supposed to improve the WLAN performance. I guess it doesn't??



I'm now going to open up this computer and see if there is a wire loose. 


This time I have an image so if it dumps I can reinstall it quickly. No more 8 hours trying to find stuff. 


If anyone has a clue as to why it's dropping WLAN please let me know. ASAP! I have to get this back to the owner by Saturday.




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Re: tried to reinstall OS and it crashed

Alrighty then, here's the resolution!



Apparently, there IS a removable back on this computer! One must know the 'secret' to open the door!


The 'trick' is to remove the keyboard and then there are 5 magical screws that release the back panel.


There are two right under the hard drive L & R corners and then there are three in line across the top of the hard drive. One of those is to the left of the upper left corner (probably under he "E" key area? Once you do that, then prying the back off is yet another task. Lucky for me, I pushed it out from the inside to figure it out. There are 'markings' in the plastic that tell you the five. Just look at the bottom two and you'll see what I mean. 


The other thing to know is the back side of the panel has hooks that need to go in first when putting it back, which means that is NOT the place to start prying. The other 3 sides have 'snap' like push in detents so I think starting at a front corner might be the best solution, otherwise, you'll be destroying the hooks.



The problem with dropping the network was the antenna wires that connect to the sending unit. They were loose. They don't have much of a service loop to them so when I lifted up the mobo to install the memory the first time, they popped off. The antenna itself is located around the monitor bezel.


Now it works great. 



Why they didn't make it obvious to service this unit is a mystery. I suppose for $250 it's a deal, but then you get hosed having someone install memory for you. 


Hopefully, I've saved someone a few dollars and headaches posting this. 




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Re: tried to reinstall OS and it crashed

what is "mobo" i have an aspire 552-5898 and having same problem with OS starting but my wirless is fine any ideas?


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