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reset bios on veriton N282G

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I purchased a used ACER Veriton, but the guy I bought it from put a bios password on it, and he isn't

answering my emails anymore about what it is.  (maybe that's why he sold it !) 


Is there a way to reset the bios to factory (with no password), so that I can at least re-install Windows 7 (i do have

the COA tag on the back)


Is there a battery I have to remove for a while,  or a pin config I need to jump ? 


What and/or how does the tiny "recovery" hole provide in relation to this (if anything?) 



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Re: reset bios on veriton N282G

I'm going to give you a couple of links with all of the information you should need for each of the questions.




Reloading your system:

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