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recovery option using alt+f10

I am trying to restore my pc using the alt+f10 recovery option on my acer laptop. I have the d2d enabled in Bios, however when the screen comes up with the option to use disc to disc restore from factory default, or the option to restore from backup disc, i am asked for a password, i never put a password anywhere for this,plus the user manuel dosen't mention any password,Please someone help!!

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Re: recovery option using alt+f10




Could it be that other user put password on unit. Do you know if this unit has a BIOS password?  Have you checked User accounts in the Control Panel?


Suggest you contact your Acer Support service in your region for assistance.


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Re: recovery option using alt+f10

thanks,but their is not to may knowledge any way to set a password in alt+f10 recovery menu,if their is,i shure would like to know where. I have a supervisor password in bios ,but that doesen't control the alt+f10 recovery menue because that menu is a windows option. thank anyway for the input,maybe someone out their has a solution.

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