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recover windows 8 on Iconia W510

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Hi !

I have a Acer ICONIA W510 tablet. I could not connect to our WiFi network at work. We use "Cisco Unified Wireless nettverk" .I tried to install a older driver for broadcom WiFi card and after that my tablet could not start! It tries to repair OS, but it does seams to work.

How can i repair OS manually?!

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Re: recover windows 8 on Iconia W510

My w510 refused to boot after the BIOS 1.51 update. The issue was with BCD file and can be fixed by command line tool if I can boot into the system. However, I found out there is NO WAY you can do that. I have tried everything from Windows 7/8 installtion disk to some third party backup/recevery tools. The only thing that worked is by booting using the system DVD disk that comes with W510. From there you can only do a system restore to factory default and you lost everthing installed as well as all your documents.


Now I have my Tablet OS back. I would like to find a way to backup/restore the whole system. So far there is no luck at all. Acer Tech Support told me it can't be backuped up since it is a Tablet!! Window backup and other backup software CAN do the backup to an external USB drive BUT I have not found a way to boot into the recevery mode to do the restore from the backup files that are stored on the external USB. That's: you can do the backup but you can't do the restore!


If anybody can help me to boot it using UDB HDD or Cd/DVD disk, excluding the System DVD disk provided by Acer, I would like to know. I need help or I have to sell this nice Tablet on ebay!

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