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my glass screens acer iconia tab a200 was broken

Hello, my glass screens acer icinoa tab a200 was broken. Culde you please help me? where do I buy from? tanks mahnoosh



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Re: my glass screens acer iconia tab a200 was broken

Hello mahnoosh, sorry to hear about the damage with the Tablet. Well Of course if you have the option and the unit is in warranty you may want to call your local Acer to do a repair at cost to keep in warranty. If you are looking at doing a self repair you may need to search online for the LCD/glass. Just Google it and I’m sure there are a few places.

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Re: my glass screens acer iconia tab a200 was broken

i bought a replace screen, but is there someone who knows how to replace the screen?

A video on youtube of an iconia 500 is not much help, because the tablet is different.

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