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my a501 wont start

cant turn on tablet

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Re: my a501 wont start

does anything happen? any lights when you charge it?

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Re: my a501 wont start

Hi I am having a problem with my Acer 501A tablet one morning it was working fine I took it to uni and the on button was stuck inside the tablet casing i managed to get it out and now I can't get my tablet to turn on.  I plug it into power and the lights come on liket the battery is good?  But i can't turn the tablet on.  Can the on button break on tablets?

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Re: my a501 wont start

Yes, the on button can break on tablets. It is just plastic attached to a switch on the motherboard.


You will need to get it serviced. Fortunately it should be no more than a little bit of time to do.

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