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<alt> <f10> not work,System BIOS version: V1.40


I have Acer aspire 4750z widows 8 R 32-bit system operation, I was change BOIC before one month, now I want format my laptop and repeat set my Acer laptop to factory setting and widows 7,but <alt> <f10> not work.

Pleas, how can I set my Acer laptop to factory setting?

My laptop information:

CUP type: Intel r Pentium CPU B940 @ 2.00 GHz.

CUP speed: 2.00 GHz.

HHD Model Name: ST9500325AS.

ATAPI Model Name: Optiarc DVD RW AD-7585H.

System BIOS version: V1.40.

VGA BIOS version: 2108.

KBC version: 1.20.

Product Name: Aspire 4750.

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Re: <alt> <f10> not work,System BIOS version: V1.40

If alt f10 doesn't work. maybe the "acer eRecovery management" is not installed in your current system (windows 8)

what is your preinstalled OS?

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