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laptop will not boot up

 I have an Aspire 5336, running on windows 7. When i start my laptop up, it now  goes to a black screen.

the information is PXE-E61 : media test failure

PXE-MOF : exiting broadcom PXE ROM.

no bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key


the laptop was working perfect last night, can anyone help with thid please.

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Re: laptop will not boot up

This is caused by one of two things. A boot device is drive with a software that your system can load. IE: Windows on your hard drive. So either Windows is corrupt, or your hard drive is dead. You can try to de a recovery to reinstall Windows to rule out the dead HDD. To do this turn off the computer and then press and hold the ALT button, don't release it during the whole process. Now turn the unit on and start tapping F10 repetitively. If done right you will see a bar that says Windows is loading files. If this doesn't work you likely have a dead HDD and will need to have it replaced.

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