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how do i get my computer out of safe mode

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i recently bought my acer aspire 5720z used and it is in safe mode not sure how to take it out of sae mode. i would also like to reset it to get rid of the old users files and info. please help.


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Re: how do i get my computer out of safe mode

Good day


You need to restart the machine and it will start in normal mode

Follow the below steps to reload the machine to factory settings and all data will be lost.


  1. Plug in the AC adapter and battery.
  2. Turn the system on
  3. Immediately, press ALT on the keyboard and start tapping F10.
    Continue holding ALT and tapping F10 as the unit boots up.
  4. A screen stating "Starting Acer Erecovery" should appear.
    (Release ALT and stop tapping F10 at this point)
  5. There will be 4 options:
    1. Restore system to factory default
    2. Restore system from user backup
    3. Restore system from cd/dvd
    4. Exit



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