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how do I scan a document

i had an HP laptop before and i went to an

HP ap to scan from my HP printer/copier/scanner

where to i scan from on this acer laptop?


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Re: how do I scan a document

You can install the AcerCloud application on your two devices, which allows your docunments shared freely with all your devices.

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Re: how do I scan a document

Recommend you to use AcerCloud Docs app, which supports 3 kinds of format of Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

visit the AcerCloud website at:

Be confirmed that your PC’s platform is  Windows 7 or Windows 8. Mobile device are Android 2.3  or above version and iOS 5.1 (include 5.1) or above version. And your PC has installed the full version of Microsoft Office 2003 (include 2003 except Starter version) or above version. 

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Re: how do I scan a document

So sorry, I may understand wrong you mean, maybe I gave you an invalid answer.  Could you express the problem you have met clearly?

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Re: how do I scan a document


Load the HP software (HP Solutions??) that came with your printer onto your Acer. You may have to get the program from the HP site.  Make sure that you have the printer driver (from HP site) for your printer and operating system.



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