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c720 -- '2 GB DDR3 (4 GB maximum installable RAM)' ??

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Why do your UK retailers (PC world/currys) list the RAM in the UK/EU as "2 GB DDR3 (4 GB maximum installable RAM)" ??
The US model has 4GB of RAM soldered on, so what does this mean??

a) this actually correct and there is a SODIMM socket on the european version making it user upgradable

b) there is a 4GB version coming to the UK. If so, when? cost??

c) PC world / Currys are completely wrong and there is 2GB soldered on only with no upgrade possibility

Such a shame you decided to release this without 4GB RAM in the UK, it has made the difference between a sale or not. It is a great machine with 4GB but 2GB is simply not enough in 2013 for anything more than a phone.

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Re: c720 -- '2 GB DDR3 (4 GB maximum installable RAM)' ??

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 Haswell architecture allows to reach the 16GB!
Acer should intervene, officially, to clarify and explain to everyone that this device, which I have dubbed "solderedbook" or "hostile machine" is a completely thought to enslave the users, and not to give them an experience of freedom where there is space everything, including chrome OS. Everything is closed, sealed, locked, restricted, prevented ... and serious, very serious, is that those who write about their experiences, tells of the terrible flaws (underpowered wifi, external 3G is not working, USB 3 with serious problems .. .)

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Re: c720 -- '2 GB DDR3 (4 GB maximum installable RAM)' ??

I spoke to PCWorld, they said that it is upgradeable but will charge a further £25 and will not void warranty.  So that £20 cashback kinda equals itself out.


Don't understand the sense in that should have just bought the 4gb version over here in the first place.  I will wait as I really want one, probably till January but will have to pay an extra £5 for ram after cashback if what they say is true!Smiley Frustrated

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