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aspire v5 poor color

My new Aspire v5 is giving me very poor and inconsistent  color. I have tried profiling it with Spyder 4 to no avail. I also used all of the available Intel graphics controllers, also without luck. Suggestions, anyone ? This is very frustrating for an artist like myself who knows color !

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Re: aspire v5 poor color

Rather a long shot but...


I have an M5 581TG which I believe has the same screen as your V5. I have profiled my screen with a Spyder3 and noticed that the screen dimmed during the process as my power setting is 'Balanced' so the resulting profile was no doubt rubbish.

I need to do it again on different power settings.


Note the default brightness settings (Windows 7):

Balanced:              On battery = 40% (30%)  - Plugged in: 40% (30%)

Power saver:         On battery = 40% (30%)  - Plugged in: 100% (30%)

High performance: On battery = 100% (30%) - Plugged in: 100% (30%)


Default dimmed brightness in all cases is 30%.


I would suggest profiling at a brightness level to suit your work flow and increase the 'Dim' value to ensure it doesn't kick in during the readings.

(I haven't bothered checking brightness consistancy - probably going too far on a laptop!)


Unfortunately, Acer's LCD panel is perhaps not the best where good colour rendition is required. The viewing angles are also rather poor so, in my case, I need to set the screen tilt just so and keep my head still while adjusting images!!

That said, I wouldn't do 'serious' editing on any laptop regardless of price and to find one with a good IPS screen would be very pricey!! For what it's worth, I edit on a 27" iMac.


To redress the balance, I am very pleased (thus far) with my M5 for day to day work, software development and gaming.




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