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aspire 5750 - acer touchpad/mouse drivers will not work - windows 7 64bit



i bought this used, looked for acer driver updates and found them


however, they will not function well - for example there is no 'scroll' on the right side of the touchpad


for another example the 'synaptics' keeps bringing a 'do you want to intall ' message every time i start up


at the moment i am just back to the windows mouse 'PS2' with nothing else showing


am i right that elantech and synaptics do not work with windows 7?

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Re: aspire 5750 - acer touchpad/mouse drivers will not work - windows 7 64bit

Not all touchpads support the scrolling feature. The Elan and Synaptics drivers will both work with Windows 7. You would need to install the driver that corresponds to the brand of touchpad that is used in the system. You can identify which hardware is in your computer by going to the Driver download page, and downloading the hardware detection utility. You would  need to click on the link "Need to know the hardware on your system to choose the right drivers?"

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