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Posts: 7 keeps crashing

I keep getting a message that says has crashed. It doesn't seem to matter what I am doing.  I could be listening to music, looking at pics, browsing the net, anything and boom! needs to close.  I tell it to send the report and it does and goes on it's merry way.  It is totally random from what I can tell.  I am at a loss and kind of new to androids.  any help would be greatly appreciated.  thx

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Re: keeps crashing


follow the steps to clear this out.

Go under settings>then to apps> then click on all>under all find the Process Android media> clear data from this and reboot the unit.

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Re: keeps crashing

Did this start to happen after an update?

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Re: keeps crashing

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I don't see anything called Process Android media.  I have Android Keyboard, Android System, and Media Storage.  I looked under applications as well as services, but nothing.  Anything else I can look for, or am I looking for the wrong package?  Tabbiekatz, I don't know exactly when it started.  I just got the tablet for Christmas and it has been doing it pretty much the whole time I think.  Thank you for your help.

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Re: keeps crashing

thanks, guys.  you pointed me in the right direction and i got it.  i just had to clear data on media storage.

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Re: keeps crashing

tried to clear data but i'm stuck on computing so the clear data is not available. same applied fot storage.


i also did the factory reset but the message keeps coming back. HELP PLEASE

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