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acer w3 and microsd 64gb


Will it be possible to use micro sd card up to 64gb with acer w3?

Thanks in advance


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Re: acer w3 and microsd 64gb

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Don't know, so far 32 GB SD has been plenty and if need more I add a 120GB SSD. Just haven't wanted to invest $50 to find out. (U1 32 GB is $22)


Has anyone tried ? If it works on a W510 it should work on a W3.


Specs are at if you read Finnish.

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Re: acer w3 and microsd 64gb



Tried with 64gb, fat32 formatted (previously used in galaxy s3) and .... IT WORKS :smileyhappy:



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Re: acer w3 and microsd 64gb


Tnx to both of you


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Re: acer w3 and microsd 64gb

The San Disk 64gb Ultra (the red and gray one) works great in my W510 and I moved it to my W3 for testing and it worked with no hiccups so I picked up another at Best Buy (50.99 USD today on sale) and it works also with no problems. Now both 64GB tablets have double their factory storage space...



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