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acer aspire laptop will not charge

Tried another adaptor, but no charge light, and dead battery. Checked voltage on adaptors, is stated 19 V,

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Re: acer aspire laptop will not charge

Try taking the battery out and just use the AC adapter. Does it turn on? If it does, then it is possible that it just may be the battery. Try looking for one at That is where you can order it. If it does not turn on, then there is something else going on with the computer.

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Re: acer aspire laptop will not charge

did that. Decided it is the charging port itself, battery is just 18 mo old. Took it to dealer for repair  Thanks for reply

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Re: acer aspire laptop will not charge

I have the same problem - where did you take it for repair and how much did they charge you to fix it?

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