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acer aspire E1 -421 laptop

New User

acer aspire E1 -421 laptop

hi i would like to checked with acer. i am not able to attain any other speed other then 100mpbs from my acer aspire E1 -421. i do not know how come. when i purchase it just 2mth back. i tested other laptop such as my dell inspirion 1420 my compaq pesario 320 my other acer v5 i am able to attain 300 mpbs with my lan port direct from the modem. but when i use my new acer aspire E1 -421 i am not able to attain anything above 100mpbs. can i know what is the reason. i called to the  helpdesk and taught me to uninstalled the gigabit driver and reboot the system i am also unable to attain the expected bandwith. is it something wrong with my laptop or the driver or the mother board. pls i am using this laptop for work instead of for home usage.  i am working for a telco company in singapore and i am using the equipment for installation for Fiber Optics. i am not able to prove to customer tht the bandwith they applied for with this laptop. can anyone assist me.

Mainframe Wrangler

Re: acer aspire E1 -421 laptop

FINALLY! There is someone in the universe besides me who owns an E1-421!


If you go to my review at http://community.acer.com/t5/Notebooks-Netbooks/Aspire-E1-421/m-p/108895#U108895 you will make a painful discovery--this is a low-end laptop. If you try to increase the speed, you will have conflicts with the settings. Since the settings are designed for a low-end laptop, you will lose the conflicts.


This is an excellent machine for surfing the web, playing simple games, writing reports, etc. But if you are hoping to use it for anything that requires high-end graphics or just a lot of power, the machine simply can't do it.

Hope this helps.