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Windows 8 recovery disk

Hi guys


I bought an Acer W700 and there was no recovery disk with it. Can I download it from somewhere?



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Re: Windows 8 recovery disk

In actual fact I have access to Windows 8 downloads. Would I be able to install Windows 8 as I normally install other versions of windows, or do I need a specific version for Acer???


Becuase I would think that I can easily download Windows 8 and download the drivers etc after... right?

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Re: Windows 8 recovery disk

You can use a standard Windows 8 or 8.1 ISO to load an Acer device (some models only support 32 bit versions) but afterwards you have to load the special Acer drivers (can download from the support page) to make things like a touch screen or thermal management or WiFi work.

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Re: Windows 8 recovery disk

On the 700p there is an acer recovery where you can make a restore usb stick.

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Re: Windows 8 recovery disk



Apparently there is also this link


I did not understand the 700p  post....

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Re: Windows 8 recovery disk

Some models of the W700/W700P come with a recovery partition instead of a recovery disc set or recovery thumb drive.

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Re: Windows 8 recovery disk

I do have a recovery partition. I will download that from Microsoft and see if it is ok.

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