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Windows 8.1 W700 touch sceen problem

I just updated to windows 8.1


The touch screen seems to sleep after a few seconds.  It now takes two swipes or touches to do anything

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Re: Windows 8.1 W700 touch sceen problem

I do not have 8.1 yet so these ideas are off the top.  Hope you get it fixed as I have a 700p I was going to update, but will await the results of your update. 


I would go to control panel/device manager and right click on the touchscreen and try to update the driver and see if it helps.


Also you might look around in the control panel/tablet area or display area for new settings.



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Re: Windows 8.1 W700 touch sceen problem

Go to Device Manager and look at the Human Interface Devices. There will be some USB devices that end up being the touchscreen. If you change the power options on those so they don't turn off to save power the problem should be fixed.

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Re: Windows 8.1 W700 touch sceen problem

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I'm going back to 8.0

Skype does't work any more, IE and the touchseen isn't smooth anymore and IE is slower.

I liked 8.0 and I see no advantage in upgrading. I realy love my W700 but now it's worse than my A200.


I'm back to 8.0 now, what a difference. Happy W700 user again.

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SOLVED! Windows 8.1 W700 touch sceen problem



Under "Human Interface Devices"  there are two "USB input Device" drivers that had power saving checked.  I unchecked them and everything is back to normal.


8.1 works great.

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Re: SOLVED! Windows 8.1 W700 touch sceen problem

the choice of energy is in grey. only I can mark "allow this device to reactivate the pc"

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