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Wifi connection problems--5GHZ? No problem. 2.5GHZ? All kinds of problems.

I've had my Chromebook (Model C710-2847) ever since April or so, and although I can connect at home just fine using my Netgear Wireless Dual Band Router on the 5GHZ channel, whenever I am out and about (Whether at my girlfriend's house, McDonald's, Panera Bread, Staples, or wherever) I either cannot get a signal or I get one but it either drops non-stop or I have to be right NEAR the area where a router is in order to maintain a signal.  Whereas at home I can, literally, go all the way across the house using the 5GHZ frequency with my dual band and even stream movies...but when I try to connect to 2.5GHZ networks it seems like things are just downright pathetic.


Using her Kindle or even her Android phone, as an example, my girlfriend can pick up a strong Wifi signal anywhere in her apartment, or heck, even in the front of the Staples parking lot.  But when I try to connect, I'll lose the signal if I even go into the next room of her apartment, and you can hang it up when it comes to accessing public networks.


So, does this particular model have rather weak receiver chips when it comes to the 2.5GHZ band or perhaps difficulty receiving on bands that have more traffic?  Because, seriously, I should be able to at least go ONE ROOM AWAY from a router to be able to pick up a signal.  And it's like this everywhere *except* any place that seems to have a dual band router.






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