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Why won't my laptop turn on?

Okay so awhile ago my Acer Aspire laptop screen went out, so I sent it in to get it fixed. Then it started to happen again, this time I just played ardor with it until it basically fixed itself (but never unscrewed a screw). Now, a couple of weeks ago I couldn't turn my laptop on. The power button turned on and I could hear it starting up but then it shut off. So I looked it up on another computer and it told me it could be static build up. So I did the whole take out my battery blah blah blah. It worked, but now the same thing is happening and it's not static build up. I read online it could be the switch that tells my laptop if the screen is open has dust on it. I can normally get it to turn on after a few minutes of playing with it. But I decided to open it up, (not all the way) just took out some screws and blew some compressed air in. Now it takes me longer to play with my laptop to turn it on and I can hear something radioing around inside my laptop. Is there a way I might be able to fix this without sending it in to Acer and having to wait two or three weeks again?

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Re: Why won't my laptop turn on?

Unfortunately, I do not have a quick fix that you could try yourself. I would recommend you contact Acer support for your region to inquire about setting your unit up for service.

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