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Why does my wireless network keep showing "Limited?"

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Why does my wireless network keep showing "Limited?"

Acer Aspire V5-471

Windows 8


Using a new laptop....   the first few weeks, I had no troubles whatsoever.  Then I began having a problem keeping a strong wireless signal.  Pages will not refresh.  I may lose signal all together for several seconds.  I can either go to my wireless network and Disconnect and then immediately Connect again - or - wait for several seconds and refresh my pages.  In place of "Connected" beside my wireless network, it will say "Limited" while I have that weak signal (or no signal at all.)


There have been no new wireless devices of any kind introduced since this began occurring.  The laptop in question hasn't changed position either.


I have called my isp a couple of times.... different techs had me change settings to no avail.


I purchased a new, apparently stronger/faster/better router and that has also made no difference.

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Re: Why does my wireless network keep showing "Limited?"

ok. i am not expert. but what would i do if i have similar simptoms?

1) in internet explores in internet options in security and privacy put all levels to zero. no protections.

2) deactivate any antivirus, firewall, etc...


and have a look how's it going?

if ok. means you have some problem with windows os.


if still disconnected probably your wireless card has issue.

i would try to update driver for wireless card.


also you need to update bios. it's a mast...


i think mostly it has issue with your windows os. maybe you install then uninstall many programs, corrupted registry.

or 2 programs trying to do same thing in same time. distructing each other.

remove that disk which come with router and do all settings manually.


don't put extra rubbish in your computer.

he will feel not happy about it. at's why some problems arise.

make him happy. don't put many programs.


reinstall os and don't install any programs at all. check how's your internet connection.

if ok then slowly add some programs and keep looking for problem occur.


next try to put your computer near wireless router. in wireless router try to choose wpa-psk encryption through router page. acess in many cases check router documentation.


if near you someone using wireless router in same channel. change channel for your wirelless router. to avoid interference with other routers nearby.


try to release your ip address throug ms dos prompt. ipconfig then iprealese then iprenew

check your internet connections with other computers. are you behind firewall, need a proxy?

manually setup dns and proxy settings.


contact your internet provider for more information regarding proxy.


if nothing help. then buy a few battles of bear have a rest little bit. relax. finish them. and try again. if still not working properly. buy more bear until problem solve.


hope it help.


Smiley Happy


Re: Why does my wireless network keep showing "Limited?"



I had exactly the same problem with my new V3-571G with Windows 8.


After performing the following steps, I have now run for 4 straight hours with heavy internet use without a single problem.  (Previously, I would get the 'Limited' connectivity problem about every 20 minutes.)


1. Download the new Atheros WiFi driver from the Acer support site (

2. Run the setup.exe which comes in the new driver.

3. Choose uninstall the existing driver.

4. Reboot.

5. Run the same setup.exe, this time as a fresh install.


Good luck.  On one of the Acer Ultrabooks message boards, I read a message from an Acer technician saying that the problem with driver '217' is that it doesn't delete an old file when doing a driver update.  So to work around this, I just completed unistalled the old driver before installing '217'.

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Re: Why does my wireless network keep showing "Limited?"

I had the identical symptom since purchasing this laptop (Acer Aspire V5-411 Windows 8) last February. The Acer support reps were not helpful. They wanted me to refresh, which would have required reinstallation of all my 3rd party software - I said "No Thanks" in no uncertain terms. Instead I downloaded the updated wireless lan driver, W8x64 A from the support site. After installation, which was 2 weeks ago, I have not had the wireless "Limited" problem. I don't understand why Acer support is not totally aware and on top of this issue in their call center.

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Re: Why does my wireless network keep showing "Limited?"

I decided to play around the settings of my laptop too and found a solution and realised there is no problem with the driver that comes with the latop intially but the network driver is configured to turn itself off after few minuits to save battery life. this can also work for u try this , if u are using window 8, go to Settings-->Device Menager-->Network Adapter--> (Qualcomm Atheros Communications) yours could be different depending on your driver version-->Power Managment--> uncheck the box which says "alow the computer to turn off this device to save power".

Now is working perfectly after I turned the setting off, I hope it works for u also.


Re: Why does my wireless network keep showing "Limited?"

I have had the same problem with an HP laptop, and the same resolution by reinstalling the driver.

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Re: Why does my wireless network keep showing "Limited?"

 Does not work. Acer do something !

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