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Weirdest boot problem Acer Extensa 5635G

Hello again, I have just introduced myself in the welcome forum, so I hope the forum is worth the while Smiley Happy.


Anyway, the problem mentioned in the subject is everything but not common. A simple web search offeres me some weird and unrelated answeres. Maybe its up to the laptop, who knows.


Up to yesterday the laptop was in great working order, except for the battery bay locks have their lock mechanisms torn off (shoot me if i know how I did that) so the battery tends to free itself and the laptop dies mid a copy-paste session xD. 


I cannot explain the problem in depth, since I have never seen it before. I turn the laptop on, the casual boot screen comes up (F2 for setp, F12 for blabla...) and before windows get booted, a black screen appears with the message: 

"ZPRWE       is compressed

Press CTRL+ALT+Del to restart"


Nothing i try, do or press except ctrl alt del has a response. The laptop restarts after ctrlaltdel and comes back to the screen i mentioned before. Inside BIOS i loaded default settings, did the common and most logic checks and none result in some other response from the boot interval. 


To shorten, Help? Anyone? Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Weirdest boot problem Acer Extensa 5635G

I continued to help myself as best as I could.


I searched for the message without the weird ZPRWE beginning. I came accross a link that explains the problem and will give it a try.


It looks as the problem occured due to my silly mishap by accidentally clicking the "Compress this drive to save space" option under diskmgmt and cancelling it emmidatelly after start... At least I can provide an answer right after my first login. Smiley Happy

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