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W700 Bluetooth problem

Well, I got a weird problem here. From time to time, I have keyboard which has a huge latency (ie I type a letter and it takes more than a second to appear) and//or a stuck a key (ie foruuuuum ).
I also bought a Bluetooth mouse and it stutters a lot when both are enabled. I think it comes from the bluetooth driver that is not really uptodate or so the wifi driver I use (since it is the same card, I wonder if it does not interfere with its outputs when everything is working at the same time ...).
In short, is that someone has this concern ?

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Re: W700 Bluetooth problem

Hi Mengpo,


Thre is an updated bluetooth driver available from our support site. It is a combo driver so updates the wireless aswell.



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Re: W700 Bluetooth problem

I have also this problem. I have to turn off and on again bluetooth to restore connection with my Microsoft bluetooth muse 5000 and with Acer keyboard. I have to do it many times a day, mostly when I take break for a while. It looks like I did not have this kind of problem when I used keyboard only. I tried different drivers to install, but no luck so far. Any ideas?

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Re: W700 Bluetooth problem

I'm now using the version 222 version from Aspire P3, works normal so far
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