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Video streaming issues on Acer Aspire A0722

New User

Video streaming issues on Acer Aspire A0722

I cannot watch movies on Netflix or Comcast with my new Acer Aspire.  The video starts well, but within seconds, it begins to freeze and move in "stop action."  The sound is fine, but the picture can't keep up.  I tried downloading Flash and Shockwave, but it didn't help.  Other computers and eReaders like Nook used on our network have no connectivity issues.  Any suggestions?


Re: Video streaming issues on Acer Aspire A0722

Hey, I'm looking for a solution for this as well. I know the problem is that the CPU is decoding the flash video instead of the GPU, like it's supposed to. There is a setting in the AMD VIsion Engine Control Center that USED to fix this issue. For one reason or another, it no longer does. I updated the AMD drivers and Flash player and no luck. Of course, Acer won't even let me email them or chat to them since my serial number is invalid for 'warranty support.' Great company.


This used to work, for reference:

1) Right click on desktop
2) Click AMD Vision Engine Control Center
3) Click "Video Quality" under Video settings
4) Click "Other Video Settings"
5) Scroll down, click "Apply current video quality settings to Internet video"

Re: Video streaming issues on Acer Aspire A0722

So I just used the 'Remove Catalyst' tool to completely remove all the video upgrades over the past couple years, rebooted the system, and then reinstalled the original video drivers from C:\OEM\Preload\Autorun\DRV\AMD VGA Chip UMA\setup.exe.


Make SURE you reboot after the Remove Catalyst tool and before you reinstall the preloaded driver. This is imperative to remove all traces of the newer drivers.


After I did this I opened Catalyst and followed my instructions from my first reply to enable the settings on internet video. I went to a 1080p avatar trailer and it was still using 100% CPU (click Ctrl + Alt + Esc, go to Performance tab). Right click on the video playing and go to settings and make sure Flash hardware acceleration is on. I couldn't run 1080p on the netbook, but it's only a 720p display and 720p Flash video on YouTube now uses only 30 - 60% CPU and doesn't stutter!