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Troubleshooter not working, 0x800B010E error (Win 7 Pro)

Hey all, hopefully you can offer some assistance beyond just telling me to run Recovery on my computer like the Asus support guy from India advised.


I am unable to connect to my network printer, and more importantly, the troubleshooter for the entire system won't run. I get this 0x800B010E error and the troubleshooter doesn't start. I've done everything I know to do, but it's not working.


Cleaned the registry already. I'm about to throw this computer out my 8th floor window, and I only bought this thing 2 months ago.


Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

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Re: Troubleshooter not working, 0x800B010E error (Win 7 Pro)

This is not Asus.  I do not see a specific model mentioned.

It would be helpful if you were able to provide the information listed here:

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