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The cost of recovery

As a result of overheating and frequent crashes my son's Acer Aspire 5542 has gone belly-up and requires recovery.  Of course he had not made recovery discs.  I could not see the cost of recovery discs online so I had an online chat with acer.  It seems that the Windows 7 64bit recovery cds will cost £51.06.  Of course, as a result of the overheating and general use of the laptop, the Microsoft serial code on the sticker is not legible so acer cannot supply recovery discs.  There is however another solution.  I can send the laptop back for recovery.  That will cost £71.50.  


Clearly the combination of Acer not supplying recovery discs, my son not making a set and having a label stuck on the bottom of a hot surface is not good.  Whatever way you look at it, it is going to cost.  My advice - make a set of recovery discs - now!




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